The Company

S.C. COMTECH CO, a specialized distribution company, has been successfully active on the market of carbon and low-alloy seamless steel pipes since 1997. Aiming to deliver a variety of comprehensive services in line with the market demand, it became the most important pipe distributor in Romania in a short period of time. Due to the co-operation relations established with the major European and Romanian manufacturers of steel pipes as well as to the strategic positioning of its warehouses in Romania, S.C. COMTECH CO stands now as the most important trader and distributor of pipes in Romania.

To maintain its leadership on the market and to be able to provide clients with various high-quality and flexible services, in October 2012, S.C. COMTECH CO implemented a new coating line at its headquarters in Slatina.

For the time being, the company has over 80 employees in its three working sites: Slatina, Timisoara and Roman. Warehouses exceed 30.000 square meters large and half of their surface is covered. This allows the company to stock a wide range of goods, with over 8,000 tons of material and products available.

Certified Quality

For S.C. COMTECH CO, constantly improving service and maintaining a high standard of quality have always been two essential objectives. That is why, apart from being able to deliver its products very promptly, the company is also equipped to perform a series of processes that significantly increase the added value of the products. Relying on its modern quality control laboratory together as well as on its capacity to provide the triple coating layer pipes, the company is able to satisfy the latest demands from the oil and gas markets throughout Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

To guarantee the quality of its products, the company performs accurate controls during all processes and the finished product, before the delivery. All the products are guaranteed by quality certificates that follow current regulations.

All the company locations bear an EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.




Logistic Advantage

In a global and continuously evolving market, logistics plays an important role in assurance for the service quality and professionalism.

From this point of view, the location of the S.C. COMTECH CO warehouses in almost all important areas of Romania and their connection to the railway infrastructure and to the major steel factories truly represents a valuable competitive advantage, as it enables the company to rapidly deliver its goods via road, rail, or sea, thus reaching customers across the country and abroad.

Furthermore, the spacious warehouses covering over 30,000 square meters allows the storage of large quantities of raw materials as well as finished products. At the same time, its extended fleet of vehicles and cranes make possible forthe company to guarantee fast, complete, high-quality services and satisfy any type of order or demand.